High Net Worth Divorce

Our attorneys have established themselves as among the pre-eminent lawyers in the Lehigh Valley handling divorce and other family law disputes by holding fast to several core values. These include:
  • Unmatched experience in the relevant law. Many people think they have to seek out a “Philadelphia lawyer” to receive experienced legal representation. Our attorneys have more than five combined decades of litigation and negotiation experience in Pennsylvania, and founding attorney Mary J.B. Eidelman has also served as a Divorce Master in Lehigh County — serving initially as a decision-maker in some of the region’s most contentious and complicated divorce cases.
  • Unwavering commitment to confidentiality and discretion. People going through a divorce often seek legal help outside the region because they worry about the details of their cases being spread through the community. For our attorneys and staff, nothing is more important than our clients’ confidence, and when high-stakes divorces are involved, we understand special attention may be required to assure that all matters are handled with the utmost discretion.
  • Legal strategies based on our clients’ goals, not a predetermined course of action. The best lawyers are adaptable and can respond to changing facts and circumstances with a dynamic strategy. We don’t approach any divorce with a fixed path; instead, we listen to our clients, identify their desired outcomes, determine the issues that are likely to be the most contentious, and then develop a strategy to move forward.
These qualities are indispensable in any divorce case. They can make the greatest difference, however, in high net worth divorces, where one or both spouses have significant assets that are likely to be contested. If you seek dynamic counsel committed to seeing your case to a positive result, we invite you to learn more about what makes Eidelman & Associates different.
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While the black letter law does not vary between divorce cases, what distinguishes high net worth divorces is the need for familiarity with complex financial instruments, real estate investments and other assets. It also requires a strategy that can be consensus-driven when desirable, and aggressively litigious whenever necessary.

In addition to handling the core issues that figure in most divorce cases — property division and child custody, for example — we handle issues that are of special importance to high net worth individuals. These include:

We invite you to discuss the details of your case during a completely confidential consultation. Call our Allentown office at 610-437-7850 or send an email.