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As lawyers, one of our chief responsibilities is to take the confusion out of what can be an overwhelming legal process, and guide clients through the uncertainty to help protect what matters most to them.

Family law surrounding marriage, divorce, adoption and other matters has changed drastically for the LGBT community — perhaps more than for anyone else in recent years. This is an exciting time for same-sex families in Pennsylvania and throughout the country; it can also be a confusing time. Whether you have questions about legal marriage, ending a marriage from another state or adopting children, our firm can give you the answers and guidance you need to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Our Allentown attorneys represent individuals, couples and families throughout the Lehigh Valley, drawing on decades of combined experience in routine and complex family law matters alike.

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Same-sex marriage finally became legal in Pennsylvania on May 20, 2013. While this means that same-sex couples can now obtain valid marriage licenses in the Commonwealth, the fact that many same-sex couples have been in committed, long-term relationships not recognized by government means there may be various legal issues to consider.

For example, if you and your partner obtained domestic partner status (or even legally wed) in another state, you may have questions about how your legal rights in Pennsylvania are affected. Or, perhaps you entered into a private contract to cover basics like property division or visitation rights, and need to understand how getting married will affect these legal documents. Our attorneys are here to provide answers to your questions.

In addition, we can advise and counsel on a range of related issues, including:

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