Marital Agreements

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If you are considering marriage or are already married, divorce is probably the last thing on your mind. However, with a divorce rate of 50% in the United States, it is always a good idea to protect yourself.

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, at Eidelman & Associates, we help individuals throughout the Lehigh Valley and surrounding counties create marital agreements that protect their interests.

Protect Your Assets With a Marital Agreement

Marital agreements are an important consideration for business owners and couples entering into a second or subsequent marriage, especially those who have children from a previous marriage.

In Pennsylvania, a marital agreement is treated like any other enforceable contract. There are three different types of marital agreements, including:

  • Prenuptial agreement: A prenuptial agreement is created in the anticipation of a marriage. Our Allentown marital agreement lawyers can help you create a prenuptial agreement that outlines how division of assets, alimony, support, and related matters will be handled should you and your spouse divorce.
  • Postnuptial agreement: Parties who have married but have not yet ended their marriage may enter into a postnuptial agreement. Like a prenuptial agreement, this contract helps parties protect assets in the event of a divorce.
  • Separation agreement: If you and your spouse intend to divorce or separate, our attorneys can help you create a legal separation agreement to address property division and support even if a divorce has not yet been filed.

While no one can foresee every possible situation that might arise in the future, our attorneys have years of experience creating marital agreements. We will thoroughly review your assets and debts and those of your spouse to create an agreement that is tailored to your situation. We also can review marital agreements at the time of a divorce or separation.

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