Dividing Real Estate

Dividing Real Estate In Divorce

During your marriage, the real estate you and your spouse have acquired served as an investment in a future together. Now, as you plan for a different future, it is essential that you have legal counsel who can preserve as much of your wealth as possible through the divorce process.

Our firm excels at handling all aspects of high net worth divorces — including the tricky matter of dividing real estate — because our attorneys understand that a successful outcome requires not just an understanding of complex financial data and the underlying law, but also an understanding of each client’s specific priorities. People often have strong ties to real estate, whether it is a primary residence, second home or investment property. Factors like this often affect our clients’ priorities just as much as straightforward financial considerations. We take the time to understand what our clients seek to get out of a divorce decree, and only then devise a strategy to achieve those goals.

As an established Lehigh Valley firm, we have a superior understanding of the regional real estate market. We also have the experience and resources to handle cases involving real estate outside of Pennsylvania or even outside the country.
Working with the most experienced real estate appraisers and accountants in the region, we develop a comprehensive plan to help our clients protect their real estate investments, which can include:
  • Second homes
  • Vacation properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Rental units

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