Divorce Tax Concerns

Protecting Your Financial Interests And Reputation During A Divorce

One of the keys to successful representation in a high net worth divorce is the ability to balance aggressive representation with sensitivity to a client’s professional life and reputation.

White collar professionals in a sole, joint or group professional practice first and foremost need legal counsel that will see to it that their financial interests are not compromised during divorce proceedings. At the same time, they need to minimize the exposure they face from peers and the wider community. At Eidelman & Associates, we understand the many concerns you face in your practice, and the need to maximize outcomes so you can emerge from a divorce on solid footing. Our attorneys have the experience you need to do just that.

While many assume that lengthy and expensive litigation is the sole way to fully protect their interests, this is only one of many possible routes. Our advantage comes in gauging a client’s specific situation and, whenever possible, making use of mediation and other strategies to deliver results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

As part of our divorce representation, we will carefully examine your and your spouse’s financial portfolios, and learn more about what assets are (or are likely to be) most important to each of you. In most cases, we can shield a client’s professional practice by negotiating a settlement agreement in which the spouse accepts other assets and waives any interest in the professional practice. Working with a network of financial experts, we will devise and then execute a strategy to see you through your divorce with a positive financial outlook.

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