Military Divorce

As part of a military family, your marriage has seen unique challenges from day one. No matter what has led you to seek the counsel of a divorce lawyer, you need and deserve legal help that understands the specific issues you and your family face going forward, and can provide the representation necessary to protect what matters most to you.

From our office in Allentown, Eidelman & Associates represents members of our armed forces as well as military spouses in all family law-related disputes in Pennsylvania. As one of the most established divorce firms in the Lehigh Valley, we understand the importance of family and community, and know how important both are to those in the military. We are proud to work hard for those who serve our country and their families.

Whether you are a military spouse living in Pennsylvania or are a service member with family in the state, we can help you through the divorce process. Call toll free 610-437-7850 to schedule a consultation.

Our Firm: Your Ally In The Family Court System

Every divorce case has facts, circumstances and other nuances that make it truly unique from any other case. Military divorce cases are no different. That said, there are certain issues that tend to be of special importance in cases where one or both spouses are in the military. These include:

  • Child custody issues: Determining a fair child custody arrangement can be challenging even when both parents live full time in the same town or city. When one or both parents face long deployments and the need to be literally anywhere in the world at any time, a “fair” custody arrangement is especially complicated. Our attorneys are well-experienced in thinking outside the box to maximize our clients’ share of parental time while making sure any arrangement is in a child’s best interest.
  • Dividing military pensions: Especially in longer marriages, pensions and other retirement benefits often become one of the most hotly contested issues. Whether you are the holder of a military pension or a spouse seeking future financial security, we can guide you to a resolution that protects what is fairly yours.
  • Dividing other assets: Because of frequent relocations, military divorce cases often revolve less around certain assets — such as an owned home — and more on other types of assets. We will identify what is most important to you and work diligently to see that you are treated fairly when it comes to dividing your marital assets.

Learn More About Your Rights And Options

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