Divorce In Long-Term Marriages

As the years have gone on, it’s likely something you’ve given little or no thought to.

Now that your marriage is coming to an end, however, your highest priority must be finding an answer to this question: How will you make sure your legal and financial interests are protected in the years to come, outside of your marriage? Things may seem overwhelming, but our Lehigh Valley family law firm can help you minimize the stress accompanying your divorce, allowing you to focus on building the next chapter of your life.

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Concern For Your Unique Needs During A Divorce

It’s not that the law inherently treats people in long-term marriages differently than those in shorter marriages. What matters is understanding how the basic legal issues in any divorce are affected by the length of your marriage. Our Pennsylvania attorneys have decades of combined experience representing clients in your situation. Just as importantly, we understand how your long-term marriage has affected you.

In practice, this means:

  • The issue of alimony will be affected by the length of your marriage. Judges are allowed to consider the length of a marriage when awarding alimony, and whether you are likely to pay or receive spousal support, it is important to understand the weight that will be given to the length of your marriage.
  • Child support issues are likely to play a role if you have children, but in many cases children in these marriages are older, perhaps getting ready for college or even returning home following college. We know how to approach child support issues whether your children are young or are already in their teens.
  • In many long-term marriages, couples have accumulated significant assets (and, in many cases, debts as well). This means that there is simply more to sort through, and more opportunities for disagreement. We will work with you to identify what is most important to you, and how to ensure your financial well-being isn’t compromised in the years to come.
  • Your future financial health will be one of our top priorities. Those who have lived in long-term marriages often have never contemplated what would happen if their retirement resources changed, or if they had to return to the workforce after years or decades spent as a stay-at-home parent. We can identify areas that will require financial advising and help you chart a course to keep you financially whole.

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