Grandparents’ Rights

Fighting To Protect Your Legal Rights — And Do Right By The Children In Your Life

Parents aren’t the only ones who can find themselves in a legal dispute on the issue of child custody during a divorce or separation. Often, others — especially grandparents and other close relatives — may have a stake in children’s well-being, and this can result in even greater disagreement within families.

Whether you are a grandparent who wants to make sure that your grandchildren are protected during and after their parents’ divorce, or you are a parent who must respond to requests from other relatives for visitation or custody privileges, what matters most is getting legal help that can balance your individual interests with the best interests of the children in your life. This is where our attorneys’ experience handling delicate family law matters in Pennsylvania can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Our approach includes:
  • Using mediation and other less-contentious strategies to find compromises that minimize long-term family strife. As a highly experienced mediator, attorney Mary J.B. Eidelman knows that especially where children are involved, it is always better to avoid costly and emotional litigation. That’s why we work with our clients and representation for other parties to find areas of agreement so that parents and grandparents do not have to compromise important rights.
  • Taking a more aggressive approach when circumstances call for it. While our goal is always to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation, in some cases this simply won’t be possible. You deserve to know that your lawyer has the experience and resources to take a more direct approach to preserve your rights and protect your children or grandchildren.
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