Child Support in Allentown PA, Litigators, Mediators

Chinese Family Giving Daughter Ride On Shoulders In ParkEidelman & Associates has the expertise and knowledge of family law to help clients understand how the law applies to their circumstances and to guide them in taking the best steps forward. Couples going through divorce face a number of issues that need to be worked out according to the law as well as their individual circumstances. For couples with children, matters of child support are often among the topics of question, both by the parent who will be making payments and receiving them. Child support in Allentown PA is always paid to the custodial parent, according to the calculations of both parents’ income and the number of nights each child spends with each parent.

Determining which parent should have custody of the child should be determined according to the best interests of the child. Through mediation, parents can determine the best custody arrangement without thrashing it out in the courtroom. The goal of the parents and the courtroom should be the same; to come up with the best arrangement for the children’s well-being. Mediation takes the confrontation out of divorce and encourages an attitude of cooperativeness and respect. This change in attitude in itself is better for the children and it is a faster and less expensive process than litigation so that it benefits everyone involved. With a skilled, experienced mediator by your side, your odds of a successful mediation process are a lot better.

Child custody, visitation, and child support can all be worked out through mediation. If you fail to come to an agreement through negotiating on any or all of the details related to your children, your attorney from Eidelman & Associates will put their experience as experienced litigators to use in the courtroom. Unless special circumstances exist, both parents will probably share custody, although one or the other may have primary physical custody. Your attorney will help you submit the right information and documentation to determine how much child support is fair for you to pay or receive. They will see that any appropriate deductions are made and that you receive the support you need for your child if enforcement becomes an issue.

Working out the details of custody and child support through mediation allows you to find an arrangement that you are happy with before you agree. In the courtroom, once the judge has made a decision, it is very difficult to change.  Let the professionals at Eidelman & Associates help you get the best outcome for you and your children.