Allentown Divorce Attorney

Allentown divorce attorney Mary J.B. Eidelman has more than thirty years of experience representing clients in divorce litigation and mediation. Not only does the law firm of Eidelman & Associates understand the stress that going through a divorce can cause; they also know that clients can feel overwhelmed when they must revisit a divorce years later. They work with clients in any phase of divorce to get the resolutions they need to get peace of mind. Whether that is through mediation or they need a more aggressive attorney to defend their rights in the courtroom.

Allentown divorce attorney Eidelman works with a capable team of attorneys who have more than five decades of combined experience in divorce and family law. Their top areas of practice include high net worth divorce, and all of the issues related to divorce such as child custody, division of assets, and military divorce. They understand that every divorce is unique and needs to be handled in a way that is best for every person involved. Through mediation services, Eidelman & Associates can help divorcing couples reach an agreeable resolution that is easier on them and on any children who are suffering because of the separation of their family.

Allentown divorce attorney Eidelman is familiar with the complexities of high net worth divorce. She understands Pennsylvania divorce law and knows which areas you have room to negotiate on and those you do not. Whether you are going through the initial divorce process or you need to revisit your divorce due to changes in yours or your ex-spouse’s circumstances, Eidelman & Associates have the experience and the skills to get the best resolution for you. Every divorce and the issues that surround it need to be handled with as little stress as possible so that everyone can get a fair outcome and move forward with the rest of their lives.