Child Custody Mediation

As a parent, your highest priority is ensuring the health and well-being of your children. Going through the emotionally taxing process of divorce shouldn’t and doesn’t have to change this.

You want to avoid the kind of disagreement and fighting that leads to long-term harm for so many families. At the same time, you may be unsure how to settle your divorce so that your legal interests are protected without hurting your children. Our attorneys can show you how mediation can offer you a way forward.

Finding Solutions That Are In Your Children’s Best Interests

Even when parents know that a child’s well-being is the most important consideration when trying to resolve child custody disputes, traditional litigation too often creates a situation where one parent will emerge the “winner,” leaving the other feeling that the system simply hasn’t worked.

Mediation in many cases offers a way to achieve a better outcome for everyone involved. Rather than asking first what parents want out of a child custody order, mediation begins by asking, “What is in the children’s best interests?” From there, lawyers for both parents work through specific issues. Mediation can help solve potentially thorny issues, such as:
  • Parents who work a nontraditional schedule or travel frequently for work, meaning that a more tailored parenting plan will be required
  • How to structure child custody when one or both parents are in the military
  • How to account for children’s extracurricular activities
  • The effect of special medical needs or other considerations on a child custody order
By seeking to reach consensus on these issues rather than simply litigating to get a victory in court, parents who choose mediation often find that they can emerge from a divorce with their most important parental rights intact — for less time, stress and financial investment than litigation typically requires.

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