Child Support and Alimony

Child Support And Alimony In High Net Worth Divorces

You understand that money is going to play a central role in your divorce. Who gets it, who has to pay it — these are among the issues that couples least look forward to settling at the end of a marriage.

In the context of a high net worth divorce, money-related issues — particularly alimony and child support — often become the subject of intense disagreement and even outright acrimony. In many cases, neither side wants to be seen as the one who “gives in,” leading to protracted litigation and a result that is unlikely to leave either spouse completely satisfied.
A Dynamic Approach To Resolving Divorce-Related Disputes

What sets our firm apart — and why people throughout the Lehigh Valley choose us to handle their divorces in Pennsylvania — is the fact that we approach every case with a multifaceted strategy. On the one hand, our attorneys draw on significant mediation experience to find areas of agreement between couples who may think that none exists. Mediation often serves our clients well because it can allow them to still achieve most if not all of their goals without expending the time and financial resources required of litigation.

Our attorneys understand how to find a balanced approach that maximizes your long-term financial outlook while minimizing the financial resources needed to achieve a positive result.

On the other hand, we recognize that when the other side has taken a hard-line approach and other options have been exhausted, we need to be ready to litigate in our clients’ interests and anticipate how the other side is likely to act. Working with forensic accountants, business valuation experts and others, we can prepare an aggressive strategy to protect our clients’ financial interests.

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