Business valuation

When you started your business, your goal was long-term financial success. Now that you are getting divorced, however, your business may seem like as much of a liability as a source of financial security.

At Eidelman & Associates, our Allentown attorneys have a reputation for finding solutions that allow our clients to emerge whole following the contentiousness that accompanies many high net worth divorces. In any divorce involving a high net worth couple, it is essential that your lawyer be able to simultaneously keep an eye on the bigger picture and pay careful attention to every detail. When your business interests form part of your divorce, our firm is ready to help you navigate the challenges ahead.

From Day One, Our Firm Is Committed To Your Financial Well-Being

Choosing our firm to handle your divorce means gaining access to decades of litigation and mediation experience in Pennsylvania. By seeing how family courts have treated business interests — including solely and jointly owned businesses, partnerships and professional practices — our attorneys will approach your case already aware of what the most likely areas of concern will be. Once equipped with an understanding of your divorce goals — and your current relationship with your spouse — we will know whether your case is best served by a compromise-driven approach, more assertive litigation tactics, or some combination of both.

Choosing our firm also means gaining access to a network of accounting experts whose support is critical in establishing the value of a business. These determinations play a vital role in shaping our overall strategy; knowing the value of a business means knowing whether to propose a buyout, sale of the business or another course of action.

Learn how to protect your business interests in a divorce. Call 610-437-7850 or send an email for a consultation with one of our Lehigh Valley business valuation lawyers.