Relocation Cases

Lehigh Valley Child Relocation Lawyers

Maybe you have taken a new job that requires you to move out of the area, and you need to balance your work requirements with remaining an active part of your child’s life. Or, your relationship with your ex-spouse has deteriorated, and now your child is at the center of a heated dispute involving one parent’s desire to move away.

It’s easy for anyone to understand why child relocation cases are among the most contentious family law disputes. It takes a qualified lawyer, however, to understand the nuances to Pennsylvania child custody law and successfully advocate for an outcome that is fair to a client without harming any children involved. With decades of experience handling these high-stakes cases, our Lehigh Valley attorneys can help you find a path toward resolution where all you may see now is conflict.

Working In The Best Interests Of You And Your Children
People entrust their high-conflict child custody cases with our firm because we understand the need to balance zealous legal advocacy with tactics that preserve family relationships whenever possible.
As a highly experienced mediator, founding attorney Mary J.B. Eidelman can help our clients and their ex-spouses find a path to compromise where only disagreement may seem to exist. We know from experience that in child relocation cases, a mutually agreeable arrangement is almost always in all parties’ best interests — especially those of the children involved.

We also recognize that some cases aren’t as simple as one parent proposing a significant move and the other agreeing without conditions. In cases where parents cannot agree on the terms of a relocation, we are fully prepared to go into family court and argue our client’s side before a judge.

Recent changes to Pennsylvania family law have affected what judges consider a “relocation” for purposes of requiring the consent of the other parent. Our attorneys ensure that we make every available argument in our clients’ favor, based on the most up-to-date laws on the books.

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